My Restaurant Rules - The contestants hold the keys.

17 Jan 2005, 01:30:42 PM

All five My Restaurant Rules couples now have the keys to their restaurants and are frantically transforming them into their dream restaurant. Excitement, joy, frustration and bewilderment all bubbled to the surface as each couple entered their restaurant for the first time and began to understand the enormity of the task ahead.

My Restaurant Rules will once again set the challenge for Australians to fulfill a dream. The five couples all have the opportunity to create their own business and deal with the cut-and-thrust of the restaurant trade – all in the full glare of some pernickety judges and critics, millions of Australians on television and under the watchful eye of a man who's seen it all Ian 'Dicko' Dickson.

The My Restaurant Rules couples come from every walk of life and every corner of the country. Over the next few months they will dedicate their lives to building, designing, decorating, staffing and managing a restaurant with the eventual winner keeping the keys.


John and Justine Hall

Restaurant location: 153-155 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

John and Justine have just returned home to Adelaide with their two young sons Noah and Lachlan. John has been working as Head Chef in some of the best restaurants in London for the last 3 years while Justine was a teacher at an inner-London school. John's skill in the kitchen teamed with Justine's extensive experience in hospitality will make their restaurant one to keep an eye on, and Noah and Zack will be adored but customers and viewers alike.


Todd Farr and Francesca de Valence

Restaurant location: 14 Park Rd, Milton

Todd and Francesca recently married after being together for 3 years. Todd has been a chef most of his working life including his most recent 2 year stint as the Executive Sous Chef at The JW Marriott in Singapore. Francesca put on hold a promising career as a singer and entertainer to join Todd in Singapore. This will be their first venture into the world of hospitality together. So we can expect fireworks.


Dan Viney and Rob Gangi

Restaurant location: 9 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Dan and Rob went to the same High School in Melbourne's south-east. They wouldn't have called themselves friends at the time, but in the last few years they have become the best of mates. While both have skills that are sure to be used in starting a restaurant, Dan is a hotel manager and Rob is an electrician, it is the boys desire to change the landscape of Melbourne dining that will have the biggest influence on their restaurant – they want to establish a venue that caters to the young, stylish and single! Dan and Rob will be the class clowns, but be warned, to not take them seriously would be a big mistake.


Andre Shannon and Sandy Shannon

Restaurant location: 97-99 Market Street, Fremantle

In a MRR first, Sandy and Andre are a mother and son partnership. The Shannon's are a very close family, with Andre being the eldest of three sons. Andre, a political adviser, and Sandy, a canteen manager at a daycare centre, have every faith that while they have no direct experience in running a restaurant they certainly know a thing or two about what it takes for a restaurant to be a success from a customers perspective. Andre and Sandy will delight audiences with their incredible bond and infectious laugh.


Evan Hansimikali and Bella Serventi

Restaurant location: Suite 29, 43 East Esplanade, Manly

Evan and Bella met at University and have been together ever since. Evan comes from a large Greek family, while Bella is of Italian heritage. Both have completed degrees with great success, Evan in accounting and Bella in Marketing – a distinct advantage in this competition. They have great passion for making their mark with a small business, establishing themselves at a young age as entrepreneurs. If personality counts for anything they are well on their way.

All five restaurants will seat 90 customers and be open to the public early March 2005.