Leaders' Debate – Live and Exclusive ON SEVEN

01 Feb 2005, 03:01:55 PM


Tomorrow night WA voters will get their only chance to see Premier Geoff Gallop and Opposition leader Colin Barnett go head to head in a one-hour commercial-free television debate broadcast across the state.

Viewers will get the opportunity to see how Mr Gallop and Mr Barnett perform under pressure in the debate as they face tough questions on issues including health, law and order, education and tax as well as questions on the state's water and power supplies.

They will also be asked questions from the public. Questions can be submitted by sending an email to voiceofthepeople@7perth.com.au.

This special Seven News presentation will be hosted by Susannah Carr and will involve a panel of respected senior journalists, Reece Whitby (Seven News), Liam Bartlett (ABC Radio/Sunday Times) and Steve Pennells (The West Australian).

The Leaders' Debate – live and exclusive - 7:30pm tomorrow night on SEVEN.