04 Feb 2005, 10:15:14 AM

Before the MY RESTAURANT RULES cameras even started rolling, contestants were hard at work planning their posh eateries.

Egos are out of control in Brisbane; it's looking a lot like an Italian Job in Melbourne; Sydney's thinking pink; Adelaide's already turned on the tears; and Perth's tight with their money.

At stake a potential life-long career and multi-million dollar empire, but who will Australia vote to be the last restaurant standing?

Find out as IAN “DICKO” DICKSON presents the series return of MY RESTAURANT RULES. Let the game begin:


  • John has hired his step-father as builder

  • Emotions run high the bank questions John and Justine's joint-role as restauranteurs/parents

  • John plans on being a owner/chef

  • Plans for their launch include special artwork created by guests


  • Todd's controlling nature has already caused workers to down the tools

  • Top designers come on board for staff uniforms

  • Francesca considers her role at the restaurant as she expects a lot of diners “will want to have their photo taken with” her

  • Trouble with unhappy builders as they indulge in regular two-hour lunches


  • The boys are in full swing as they wheel and deal Italian style

  • Rob's having dreams, or rather nightmares, about finances

  • Late night restaurant planning resulted in beer being spilt on the computer keyboard, blowing it up

  • The search for a chef draws to a close, but will be decided after a taste-test


  • Mum and son have rolled up their sleeves and painted their restaurant themselves

  • Andre is proving tight with money when it comes to shelling out for restaurant fittings

  • The Lord Mayor of Fremantle offers a working party to help set up the restaurant

  • Some community members voice concerns about Andre's politics


  • Bella takes control of the interior design and the result is very feminine

  • Bella and Evan's friendship is already put to the test as they clash over work ethics

  • The search for a chef continues