09 Feb 2005, 02:04:49 PM


With New York friends Meredith and Maria eliminated at the end of episode three, this week the nine remaining teams race over 800km from Norway to Stockholm, Sweden. Upon setting out from the pit-stop Grandparents Don and Mary Jean receive a 30-minute penalty for accidentally taking the wrong car at the last Detour.

The teams make their way to an ice bar, where they must slide a shot glass made of ice across a bar and hit a target in order to receive their next clue. It's a Detour at the world's largest Ikea store in Stockholm.

Detour (choice of two tasks each with pros and cons) – the world's largest IKEA store: Teams have a choice between “Count It” or “Build It” – In “Count It” teams must choose a series of three bins and count every pot, pan and stuffed animal inside them for a total of 2,304 items. Once they finish, they must tell the assigned supervisor their count. If correct, they receive their next clue. Otherwise, they must begin counting again. In “Build It” teams must build a desk correctly, using every single part given to them. If they make a mistake, they must fix it or, in the worst case scenario, start the construction over.

Once the task is complete they must then bike ride five kilometres to a farmland at Haggvik, Sweden, and attempt the Roadblock (a task only one team member can do): This requires one team member to unroll bales of hay until they found a clue hidden inside. Out of 270 hay bales, only 20 had clues.

With the clue in hand teams must race to the pit-stop where the final team to arrive will be eliminated.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Teams start to object to Jonathan's continued rage towards Victoria

  • Grandfather Don pleads for leniency due to his age

  • Lena shows incredible determination in the hay field

  • Father and daughter team Gus and Hera show outstanding team work

  • Pro wrestler Bolo is baffled by numbers at Ikea

  • Phil goes out on the road to eliminate a team

  • Victoria suffers chronic hay-fever in the Roadblock challenge

Hosted by PHIL KEOGHAN, THE AMAZING RACE is a twice prime-time EMMY AWARD winner for Best Reality/Competition Program beating Survivor, American Idol and The Apprentice.