18 Feb 2005, 04:18:16 PM


This Sunday night at 7.30 on Channel Seven the judges turn the tables as the winners of Bank Three are announced. Adelaide is proving an early force in MY RESTAURANT RULES and the other teams rally to put their best menu forward with surprising results.

Judges PATRICK COLLINS, MATT MORAN and CATERINA BORSATO travelled to each state to judge teams on food, decor and ambience. It was the first time the chefs prepared a meal in their new kitchens and, with a share of $50,000 up for grabs, the pressure was on.

The teams will have just one hour to present four options for entrée, main meal and dessert. The judges will try all 12 dishes and grade the teams accordingly. Rules stipulate teams must present items which will appear on their restaurant's menu. Shock sets in for one team when they're told they have broken the rule and will be penalised according.

With $82,000 already under their belt, Adelaide want to win and blow the competition away. Sydney has $42,000 and Brisbane has $40,000 - both want a cash injection to restrict Adelaide and further their own dream. While Melbourne and Perth lag behind with just $19,000 and $11,000 respectively, they could hit crisis point if funds are forthcoming.

Perth –

On a day when the temperature seared to over 42 degrees, Perth hopes their chance of winning funds hasn't melted away. Chef Shane Keighley prepares a stunning array of dishes including the prawn cocktail which Matt Moran questioned at Bank Two. Andre and Sandy welcome the judges and the feel for the day, although stifling hot, is very family-like.

Melbourne –

Chef Deb Wust is out to prove a point after Rob and Dan were ferociously criticised for their menu and choice of chef at Bank Two. Pat, Matt and Cat will dine on tortellini filled with wild rabbit, seafood and shellfish soup, carpacccio of beef and eye fillet on tuscan roasted vegetables. Trouble starts early when the judges arrive with champagne and Dan has forgotten to unpack the champagne flutes. Worst still the judges order steak and Rob and Dan haven't ordered the steak knives.

Adelaide -

Having received a major pat on the back from Matt Moran at Bootcamp, John designs an elaborate menu which may prove to be beyond his capabilities. Patrick Collins is less than impressed with the reception he receives when he walks into the restaurant, but Justine is out to win him over.

Brisbane –

As one of two owner/chefs in the competition Todd feels the pressure. Francesca decides to wheel in the piano and serenade the judges while Todd prepares a feast. With just one hour to present all 12 dishes Todd decides to cook more than is needed and risks running out of time.

Sydney –

With the judges rating on all aspects of their dining experience Sydney will come under the eagle eye of Matt Moran. Close attention will need to be paid to clean cutlery, crockery, and table setting. With the restaurant still under construction Bella and Evan will need to ensure cleanliness is a top priority.