Enquiries and feedback on Seven TV programming

Formal Complaints

Telephone comments and email comments will be passed on to appropriate network staff, but are not dealt with under the Seven Network's formal complaints handling procedures.

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint in relation to something you have seen or heard on the Seven Network you must send a letter or fax to Seven, or electronic form via the Free TV website ( www.freetv.com.au) within 30 days of the relevant broadcast.

If your complaint relates to a matter covered by the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice, the network is required to investigate your complaint and provide you with a substantive written response within 30 working days.

A copy of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice can be obtained from Free TV Australia at www.freetv.com.au

Formal complaints can be sent by mail to:

The Complaints Officer

PO BOX 777


or by fax to:

(02) 8777 7180

or via electronic form found on the Free TV website:


Your complaint should include the following information:

• The date, time and location of the broadcast;

• The name of the program;

• Reason for your concern;

• Your name and address.