About Seven Perth

The date was October 16, 1959 when television first arrived in Western Australia.

The first night was a Friday, considered the best time for families to gather around and switch to the new electronic era for a licence fee of 5 pound per licence, 10 pounds insurance and 30 bob a week to a local retailer for a 190 quid AWA Deep Image Radiola. Before TV, news came from Newspapers, suddenly we had to have a TV chair and we could then buy a TV cup, saucer and snackplate in one, so began TV dinners.

After Seven Perth was officially opened by the Governor of Western Australia, Sir Charles Gairdner at 7.30pm, Perth people settled back to watch Leave It To Beaver, Sea Hunt, Father Knows Best, Spotlight (a local variety show) Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, The Epilogue, and finally, the little white dot as it faded into oblivion.

Fifty year old Errol Flynn had just died (laughing, according to the report) while his 17 year old "blonde protégé" looked on. Since that night a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Sea Hunt's Lloyd Bridges has hung up his swimming trunks, gone to Hollywood heaven and the spotlight has moved to his movie actors sons, Beau and Jeff. And thanks to huge advances in technology, the little white dot has gone forever.

The first live shows were children's shows. We were warned that because red registered the same grey as fleshtones, dancers were wearing tights and were not naked. News with pictures became an adventure and in 25 hours a week, Seven Perth went through almost 20 kilometres of film.

Since the opening in 1959 Seven Perth has certainly come along way. Seven Perth has become a major contributor to the cultural and entertainment life of the people of Western Australia, and is regarded by the community it serves as the leading television station in Western Australia.

Seven Perth fulfils an important role in charitable and community matters and actively promotes, supports and encourages charitable and community service organisations. Seven Perth organises popular public events such as Telethon - a 24 hour fundraising program with local & interstate guests from programs such as the very popular HOME AND AWAY, CITY HOMICIDE, and ALL SAINTS and over the years international artists such as Cliff Richard, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Julian Lennon along with many others took the long flight to Perth to join in the fun and fund raising for the children of Western Australia.

Another great event which the public participate in is the annual Christmas Pageant which is held through the streets of Perth with thousands of spectators coming into the city hours earlier to line the streets for the best view to watch the spectacular parade of floats . This also gives the public an opportunity to participate with Seven Perth by entering their dancing schools or groups who look forward to dressing up and parading through the streets of Perth.

Technology has certainly changed the way we see the world through our television sets as we beam the latest information from around the world via satellite directly into your living room as we cover live events from sport, news and current affairs to the light hearted events taking place across the globe including touching events such as rescuers finding a lost dog trapped in the walls of a house to rescuing a child stuck down a drain, to the sad death of Princess Diana which stopped a nation.

Seven Perth's strong Perth and Western Australian community sentiment is reflected in the diversity of community projects undertaken and underlines the station's premier position as "the one to watch".